Why take part?


This remains an extraordinary and challenging time for the NHS. We know that teams across the NHS are trying to resume normal services and prepare for winter while remaining vigilant about controlling the coronavirus. We’d love to hear from a wide range of people working in the NHS so that we can understand what the issues are and how best to support our NHS people. Please tell us about your experiences and concerns, and help us test our ideas so that we can provide the best support we can to you and make the best decisions for the NHS.

By joining the hub, you will be able to:

 1. Tell the people running the NHS about any issues you are experiencing at work, and any concerns or worries, so that they can understand what it’s like to work in the NHS right now

2. Give the perspective of your particular role in the NHS – whether you work as nurse, doctor, manager, porter, and so on – to help us understand what matters to different staff groups

3. Inform national policy thinking by engaging in discussions about the different parts of the NHS, such as general practice, dentistry, emergency services, and so on

4. Give your thoughts on NHS communications campaigns so that we can best reach patients, the public and staff with the messages that matter

5. Share your story of what it’s really like working in the NHS by writing a personal journal about your experiences