Meet the team

Rachel Worsley profile picture

Rachel Worsley

Research Director

Rachel has worked as a researcher at Ipsos MORI for 13 years and mostly carries out health and social research and evaluation. She focuses on the NHS workforce and has directed many projects on the recruitment and retention of staff, staff wellbeing and aspects of regulation, such as revalidation. Rachel used to work for an inspectorate in the criminal justice sector and also carries out research at Ipsos MORI on issues related to this.

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Spencer Rutherford

Senior Research Executive

Spencer Rutherford is a Senior Research Executive working with the Health Team at Ipsos MORI. His research interests include capacity building and health system strengthening. He has previously worked on a number of health projects, including an evaluation of the London Borough of Newham’s Children’s Health Services, and mapping the informal network of healthcare provision among Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Spencer holds an MSc in Global Health from McMaster University in Canada, as well as an Honorary Research Associate position with the Institute of Child Health at UCL. You will mainly see Spencer monitoring and asking questions on the different discussion forums on the Staff Feedback Hub.

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Grace Jacobs

Senior Research Executive

Grace works as a researcher within the Public Affairs team at Ipsos MORI. She has an interest across a range of topics and sectors, as well as ample experience in online qualitative research with a variety of audiences.
Like Spencer, you will mostly see Grace moderating forum discussions and she will be on hand to help with any issues or questions about the Hub.

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Steve Ginnis

Research Director

Steve is a Research Director with over 10 years of social research experience. He currently leads our innovative methods team, including the use of online communities. His recent work includes helping public sector organisations such as the BBC, Highways England, Ofcom, and the Royal Society use new online research tools to understand more about the public’s day to day experience of issues such as politics, media roads and new technology.

Steve will be on hand to help with any queries you have about the project or the platform itself.

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Kelly Maguire

Research Manager

Kelly has worked as a researcher at Ipsos MORI since 2015 and focuses on employment and welfare research. She also specialises in research conducted online. Kelly is particularly interested in health and wellbeing at work and last year worked on a project exploring healthcare professionals’, employers’, and patients’ views on expanding which HCPs can issue fit notes in the future.

Kelly will be on hand to help with any queries you have about the project or the platform itself.